10 Free Online Jobs for Students to earn without investment for 2024

10 Free Online Jobs for Students to earn without investment for 2024

Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students: Are you a student or tired from your regular 9-5 jobs ? or are you looking to earn a passive side income besides your current job? Well, if your answer is Yes, I’m bringing you 10 work from home online jobs for students and employees to earn and establish a recurring passive income without any investment.

Hundreds of online jobs for students or work from home are posted everyday and you can find various websites which are providing online work from home jobs.

But the main thing is how will you find the genuine and legit sites as majority of them are fraud and scam websites. The main thing here is to find real online jobs for students or employees without any investment.

The jobs that I’ll be sharing in this article includes viewing advertisements, posting your opinions in a survey, Captcha typing, affiliate marketing, Virtual Assistant, etc.

You can earn from Rs.10000/- to Rs.50000/- every month depending on your capability and efforts. But it may take time.

Why do you need Free Online Jobs ?

Do you know almost 80 percent of the people in India search for free online jobs everyday in google? The first reason is to earn a passive side income apart from their regular jobs as payment from one source is not sufficient to fulfill all the needs and to cover monthly expenses.

Price of commodities and inflation cannot be compensated with their single source of income.

If you consider school or college students, they have to spent a lot of additional expenses in their projects, papers, assignments.

For a typical middle class family, both parents has to work together to run the family.

So, to solve all these problems , majority of students and people search for free online jobs for students or work from home to earn a side income in their free time.

When you search for free online jobs for students or employees, you’ll find a thousands of websites as I’ve stated above. So, how do i find a genuine and legit online jobs that are actually not a scam. Don’t worry ! Spend some time and Read this article.

In this article, I’ll be sharing you 10 most genuine and legit ideas to earn online without any investment.

Online Jobs for Students

1.Earn Online from Survey Jobs

Online Survey jobs is the easiest free earning jobs. You can earn money for your opinions.

Yeas a lot of companies are looking for people’s suggestions about to improve their products or services.

And in return, they are paying few dollars or millions of bucks according to their research or products.

Paid Online Survey is the best and easiest options available to earn some few decent bucks online if you’re ready and able to spend 1-2 hours daily by working and completing the surveys.

Mostly survey sites are free to join, no investment required, no experience required. Survey sites usually don’t pay high but by working daily for few hours you can earn few $10-$20 dollars and few more a month. It’s not a lot but can help you with fulfill some of your daily expenses.

There are lot of genuine and legit paid survey sites such as ySense, Worthyshout, Swagbucks, etc. You can try out these sites and start earning. You need to just register and sign up. Complete your profile and you’ll be notified through email for any new survey available.

Here is my Ysense profile. I’ve joined recently and I’ve earned some few bucks.

10 Free Online Jobs for Students to earn without investment for 2024 1

P.S : Follow us and I’ll post a comprehensive information on the most genuine and highest paying survey sites.

2.Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Affiliate Marketing is the hottest trend right now. People are earning five to six figures monthly with Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the most powerful earning platform with unlimited earning.

Affiliate Marketing is a services where we promote other’s people products or services, and once customer made a purchase, we get a commission for each products or services.

You need to join in a company affiliate program. Once approved, you can start promoting their products. Many company provides affiliate program. The most popular in India is Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Commission Junction affiliate.

You can earn 10 to 20% for every sale you made through your affiliate links.

My recommended affiliate sites. You can join any of them and start your affiliate marketing journey.

(i) Amazon affiliate Associate

(ii) Snap deal Affiliate

(iii) Commission Junction

(iv) Flipkart

3.Earn Online from PTC websites

PTC websites are those where you get paid to view ads or watch videos.

This is one of the easiest online jobs for students on the internet. You can start working with PTC sites online and start earning. You don’t need any investment, no experience or skills required.

What is the need of PTC business ?

Advertising is one of the most important part of a business. Advertiser helps in marketing a brand for companies which the companies are paying a million of dollars for advertise their brands or to sell their products or serivces.

P.S: You can earn from $100 to $500 or more if you work for 1 – 2hrs daily.

PTC sites are low in payment but it can be a good way to start your online earning.

You can join only the genuine PTC sites such as Neobux, ClickSense, Inbox Dollars, Paidverts, etc

4.Virtual Assistant Jobs

A Virtual Assistant is a kind of personal assistant which you’re providing services for a person without practically present. Virtual Assistant jobs includes copy writing, schedule appointment, email marketing, content writing. etc. As a student, you can also earn quite few bucks besides your study so i consider this as great online jobs for students.

There are various sites where you can register as a virtual Assistant and people will hire you and you’ll get paid.

Some of the best Virtual Assistant hiring companies:

(i) Hire My mom

(ii) My Tasker

(iii) Zirtual

(iv) uAssistMe

You can get paid starting from $50-$100 per hour or per task depending on the requirements of the individual.

5.Micro Jobs Online

Here is another best online jobs for Students. You can earn online by doing small tasks/micro jobs. Micro Jobs usually takes a few minutes to complete the tasks and you’ll be paid $0.5 to $2 per tasks for every successful micro jobs you’ve completed.

You can complete the micro jobs tasks with a computer and an internet connection- No time limit, no target. You can earn as much as you can.

How does Micro Jobs work?

People will upload job or tasks in these micro jobs site. You need to sign up and create an account. You can look for various micro jobs available and start completing the tasks. For every successful tasks and once approved, you’ll get paid.

Simple micro jobs tasks includes completing survey, posting comments on blog or websites, downloading apps or files, forum posting, clicking on ads, etc.

You will be paid from $0.01 to $10 depending on the tasks. On average, you earn up to $100 every day with those micro jobs online.

Some of the best micro jobs websites :

(i) Microworkers.

(ii) Picoworkers

(iii) Amazon Mechanical Turk

(iv) Online micro-jobs

6.Freelancing Online Jobs

Freelancing is one of the top online money-making opportunities worldwide.

Freelancers are the people who acts as temporary worker who are appointed for a short term project for a shorter term. You can work as a freelance on various platform and work on your own time. Be your own boss.

Freelancing work includes writing, web designing, web development, software creation, android application creation, coding, photography and photo editing and still more.

You need to create a profile based on your experience and you can start working as a freelance according to your experience and knowledge.

Some of the best freelancing sites

(i) Fiver

(ii) Upwork


(iv)People Per Hour

7. Online Content Writing Jobs

This is one of the best online jobs for students and people who are interested in writing article in various topics. If you’re a passionate in writing story, article, essay, this is the best way to earn with your passion.

There is a huge demand for online content writer as there is a large growing number of websites daily which requires new fresh content for their websites every single day.

You can get paid Rs.300 – Rs. 1500 per article depending on the quality and length of the article. Also, it depends on the requirement of the webmasters as well.

A lot of people are earning more than Rs.10000-Rs.20000 every week by providing quality contents to people.

You can sign up and earn online from any of these below content writing sites.

(i) Fiver

(ii) Upwork

(iii) iwriter

8.Sell your Photos Online

Do you know that you can also earn money online by clicking and selling photos online?

This is the best online jobs for students and people who are interested in photography and love to take pictures all times. You can turn your passion into an income source.

A lot of companies or business owners are looking for people who can provide great pictures for their marketing, websites, videos, etc. You can sell your pictures at Shutterstock, Fotolia, Istockphotos, etc., where you will be paid with real money.

You can get paid $5-$10 per pictures according to the requirements from this online jobs.

9.Captch Solving Jobs

CAPTCHA solving is one of the easiest online jobs for students to make money working at your comforts.

Companies and industries hire people to fill captcha while accessing their sites to prevent their sites from malware and for security. So, you can take this benefits and earn money online by solving captcha.

You can earn from $1 – $2 for every 1000 Captcha solved depending on the sites and your efforts. All captcha solving websites are free to join, No fees, work at your comforts.

You need to have a good typing speed if you want to make a decent amount of amount with captcha solving sites.

There are various Captcha solving sites in the internet. Some of my recommendations are 2Captcha, Megatypers, etc.

10. Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs is one of the most popular online jobs for students and employees out in the market. Millions of people searched for data entry jobs as such jobs doesn’t need any experience or training. It all needs a decent typing skills and a computer with good internet connection.

There are many websites on the internet which provides online data entry jobs but 90% of them are scam. They’ll ask for a registration fee and once you paid, you will never get your money back. So, beware while going for data entry jobs.

Consider these points before you go for any data entry online jobs

  • Stay away from sites or people which asks for registration fee in data entry jobs
  • Research thoroughly and check testimonials of the site before joining them

Here are Some of the legit and trusted Online Data Entry sites :

(i) Lionbridge

(ii) Appen

(iii) Leapforce

P.S : These sites takes times to get approval and you need to take an online test and passed to enroll the data entry work. But once you get approved, you can earn $16-$30 per hour depending on your posts and work.

So, these are the top 10 online jobs for students and people who like to earn work from home. You can easily earn Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month if you work hard and put in your efforts. Feel free to comment or mail us at [email protected] for any queries or assistance. We’d love to help you.

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