Legit Ad Clicking Jobs in India- Best PTC sites

ad clicking jobs in india

Legit Ad Clicking Jobs in India- Get Paid to click Ads with top PTC sites.

Ad clicking jobs in india or PTC (Paid to click) is one of the best options to earn online and yes you can earn quite a handful of money as a passive income.

PTC websites are advertising companies where they pay cash for viewing advertisements online.

Many People searched for ad clicking jobs in india as it is one of the best, easiest and comfortable jobs as compared to other online jobs.

No investment or experience needed- No age restrictions.

Getting into PTC sites is easy as process in simple and no instructions required to start making money with PTC sites.

Simply you need to create an account, login and just click ads. That’s it.

There are hundreds of websites globally where you can find ad clicking jobs in india. In this article, I’ll mention top 6 legit sites where you can join and earn online from ad clicking jobs in india

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What are the benefits of Ad Clicking Jobs in India ?

The benefits of ad clicking jobs in india is that it’s very simple and one of the easiest jobs available in the internet- user friendly.

  • There is no registration fees or sign up fees.
  • You can join from any countries worldwide
  • Work from your own comforts at your own time.
  • Multiple income opportunities.
  • No targets or limitations. 
  • Unlimited earning potential 
  • Always pays on time. 

How does Ad clicking jobs or PTC sites work ?

In PTC sites, advertiser pays money to the sites to advertise or promote their products or services.

When members click on the ads, the advertiser gets money and then PTC sites pay you. So, its a benefit for all.

PTC sites acts as middleman between the advertisers and the members.

PTC sites pays you around $0.001 to $0.005 for every ads you click on the sites. The pay is less but you can earn unlimited as there is no limitations to how much ads you can click.

Some PTC sites also allow you to earn from surveys (based on questions and answers) and CrowdFlower tasks and pay rates to vary. 

Besides earning money from ad clicking jobs, you can also earn income from your referrals activities, doing surveys, completing offers and so on.

How much can you earn from Ad clicking jobs in India ?

As I’ve already mentioned, ad clicking jobs in PTC sites will pay roughly from $0.001 to $0.005 per ads you clicked. 

I understand the pay is low but you can boost your earning with other activities such as surveys, tasks where they’ll pay you $0.5 to $3 per surveys/offers you complete. 

Also, there is a referral program where you can earn lifetime commission from the earnings your referral person make. 

So, earning potential is unlimited. If we estimate, you could earn somewhere around $100-$200 per month from ads clicking jobs in India which is quite a good amount.

Where do i Find or Join Ad clicking jobs in india ?

Finding an ad clicking jobs in India or joining PTC sites is completely free as I’ve mentioned above. There are tons of websites which claims to pay real money for clicking ads. 

However, I’ll be sharing you top 6 sites which are legit and proven the top ad clicking jobs sites in india. 

These sites also pay you the maximum as compared to other sites.

1. ySense

ySense is one of the best sites where you will find the best ad clicking jobs for India. 

It was earlier known as Clixsense and has been in the market since 2007. So you can see the company is still working and still paying.

It started as a PTC sites but now it has upgraded and provide you various earning opportunities.

I’ve just join recently on March and have completed few surveys and here is my profile and earnings.

ad clicking jobs in india

My earning is low because i just started working from 20th of May although i join in March.

There are multiple ways to earn from ySense besides clicking ads. You can earn by completing surveys, completing tasks, downloading apps and many others.

You can earn $0.75 to $5 and even more per survey completion. Pay rate for tasks varies from $0.03 to $0.07 per task.

This is the best sites in india to earn by clicking ads and completing surveys.

Minimum cashout is $5 for skrill, $10 for Paypal. You can boost your earning by referring more people.

You need to sign up and create an account and then start earning with the available offers. Join ySense here.

2. Prizerebel 

ad clicking jobs in india

Prizerebel is another one of the best sites specially for Indian to earn by clicking ads.

It has also a lot of earning opportunities and potential is unlimited.

You can earn money by completing surveys, completing tasks, clicking on ads, downloading apps, etc.

You can earn $0.02 – $0.05 per tasks and $0.5- $2 per surveys.

You can also refer people to maximize your earning potential. You can Join Prizerebel Here.

3. Neobux

Neobux is also another great sites to earn money from India.

Neobux is the top PTC sites and consider to the number one PTC sites. The most trusted and oldest PTC sites.

Clicking ads, completing CrowdFlower Tasks, simple offers and playing games are the different ways of making money from Neobux. You’ll be paid $0.001 to $0.01 per click.

Registration at Neobux is free but there are various plans where you can upgrade so that you can view more ads and increase your earnings.

You can cashout your earning at $2.00 in Neobux via Payza / Skrill / NETELLER instantly. Join Neobux Here

4. Paidverts

paidverts ptc sites

Paidverts is also one of the best PTC sites for Indians to earn by clicking ads.

In this, for every ads you click, you’ll earn points which is called BAP points.

When you acquire more BAP points, you’ll get ads which has higher value thereby increasing your revenue.

You can redeem your points into money and cashout through paypal, skrill, payoneer.

There are other options where you can earn besides clicking ads like other PTC sites.

For more details, you can check out and join Padiverts here.

5. Scarlet Clicks

best ptc sites

Scarlet clicks is also one of the legit and oldest PTC sites.

This sites give you $0.01 per click on ads and gives you 100 referral earning for lifetime.

The best part is that the minimum cashout is $2. Payout via skrill, payoneer, bitcoin and others.

Also, there are many others offers apart from clicking ads like online surveys, downloading apps, completing tasks.

Check out Scarlet clicks here.

6. OfferNation

offernation ads clicking jobs

OfferNation is another PTC sites where you can earn by clicking ads, completing surveys like the above sites.

This is also best for Indian who are looking for ad clicking jobs in india. 

In this, you’ll get paid in points for each surveys or for ads you’ve clicked.

Another best thing about OfferNation is you cango for minimum cashout at $1 and payments are sent daily via PayPal, Skrill, and bitcoin.

Like other PTC sites, you can boost your earning with referrals and can get lifetime referral earnings.

I would highly recommend to try OfferNation as well to earn a passive income with PTC sites in India.

Can I rely on these ad clicking jobs in India and run full time ?

No, these ad clicking jobs in India works well for passive side income. You can’t rely on these sites or consider these as a full time jobs.

They are good if you wish to get some extra earnings to cover your pocket expenses.

They are not high paying sites or work to consider full time. 

So, consider these sites only as a side hustle to give some extra benefits or extra earnings. 

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How can I maximize my profits in ad clicking jobs in india ?

In order to maximize your profits with these PTC sites, here are some of the tips

  • Login daily and check for offers, surveys, ads, etc.
  • Active and participate in all the offers which are available to generate more revenue.
  • Here referral is the key. Refer as much as you can so that you can earn lifetime from your referral earnings.
  • Join as many PTC sites you can. Don’t rely or work on one site.
  • You can refer direct referral and rented referrals to boost your earning.

Direct referrals :

Direct referral are those where people join through your referral link directly.

It is one of the best options if you have lots of friends, followers or subscribers on any social media platforms.

When someone joins through your sharing link, it is consider as direct referral and its organic(real people).

You can get your referral link on the affiliate page of the PTC sites. Just copy and start sharing.

Direct referral gives your a better earning capabilities and has a higher revenue as compare to rental referrals. So, highly recommended.

Rented Referrals:

Rented referrals are those where you rent people for a specific period (for 30 days) by paying small fees.

You can rent referrals to either click on ads, take surveys and complete tasks.

Rented referrals are mostly bots so we don’t recommend to use it unless if you’re ready to take risks.

Some sites may consider invalid clicks and may suspend your PTC account so it’s quite  a bad idea.

If you can take risk and able to manage the referrals, you can opt for it. (but no recommended )

So, hope you get a clear idea about PTC sites and ad clicking jobs in india.

These above ad clicking jobs in india are legit and after research, these sites has been proven genuine and still paying to customers.

You can join any of them and start earning. I suggest you to join multiple sites to maximize your revenue.

Hope you like this article, feel free to drop a comment or suggest if you’d like to add any other ad clicking jobs available in India.