Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC

Best Books on Indian Economy: Indian Economy or Economics is an important chapter for UPSC for both prelims and mains. Economics is an interesting subject when simplified. Good knowledge of economics will help you in preparation for your civil services competitive exams and other govt. related examinations.

There are a lot of books out there in the markets and you might be confused about which is the best books on Indian Economy.

Well, don’t worry. Based on expert’s recommendations and reviews from students and teachers, we’ve picked the top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC, SSC, and other govt. exams.

So, here is the lists of best books on Indian Economy

1) Indian Economy for Civil Services by Ramesh Singh
2) Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma
3) Indian Economy by V.K Puri and S.K Mishra 
4) Indian Economy by y Uma Kapila
5) Magbook Indian Economy by Arihant Experts
6) Indian Economy by Sri Ram Srirangam
7) Indian Economy by Madhur M. Mahajan

1.Indian Economy for Civil Services by Ramesh Singh

Best Economics books for UPSC

This is the 11th Edition of the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and it is one of the best books on Indian Economy for UPSC and to consider for preparing for others govt. exams.

It is a comprehensive and contemporary book on the economy with detailed coverage of all topics prescribed by the UPSC. This book has proved to be of immense importance to the aspirants of UPSC and various State Civil Service Examinations, students at universities, academics, and those with an abiding passion for the subject.

Some features and contexts of this books:

  • Revised and Revamped with India 2019, Interim Union Budget 2019-20, documents and reports of Niti Aayog and India Development report 2017
  • Burning Socio-Economic issues have been revised with contemporary inputs
  • Financial sector fully revamped as per the recent official changes
  • Many sections have been revised with updates and recent changes in Taxation and Budgeting, Climate & Sustainability, Human Development, Agriculture, Industry and Services
  • MCQs (Preliminary exam) and Model Answers (Main exam) have been revised and updated
  • Glossary part has been fully revised and updated

So, basically it has all the things you need to get yourself prepared for your examinations. You can get these books from your local store or get it from Amazon.

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2.Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma

best economy books for upsc

This is another one of the best books on Indian Economy written by Sanjiv Verma. The book has been thoroughly revised and is an updated edition of “The Indian Economy” and it has now been structured into different sections and further divided into chapters based on the new pattern of the UPSC syllabus. 

The best part is Some chapters have been re-written to cover the Topics in the revised syllabus.

The following sections have been inserted in the new edition:- 
1. Food Processing Industries- Industry of the Future 
2. Port in India – A Economic Perspective 
3. Railways- Life Line of the Nation 
4. Globalization- Its Impact on Society 
5. Overview of Recent Crises Since 2008

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3.Indian Economy by V.K Puri and S.K Mishra

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC 1

Another most recommended the best books on Indian Economy. This has all the topics covered and provides a comprehensive point to point analysis.

Key features of this books includes:

  • General aspects and structure of Indian Economy
  • Basic Issues in Agriculture
  • The Industrial Sector and Services in Indian Economy
  • Foreign Trade and Foreign Capital 
  • Money and Banking 
  • Public Finance 
  • New Economic Policy of India

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4.Indian Economy by Uma Kapila

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC 2

This is the 20th edition of Indian Economy performance and policies by Uma Kapila. This is such an excellent book that covers all important topics related to UPSC prelims and main exams and a decent book to upgrade your knowledge for the respective topic very clearly.

Main Contents of this books includes :

Section 1. Economic Development in Past Independent India

Section 2. Human development India

Section 3. India’s economy at Independence

Section 4. Economic Planing Evolution and Strategy

Section 5. Economic Reform and Liberalization.

This book is very useful for aspirants for the civil service and other examinations, and for all those interested in a single comprehensive source of information, and analysis by a galaxy of scholars.

The topics are written point to point and up to date which makes one of the finest books for upsc. 

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5.Magbook Indian Economy by Arihant Experts

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC 3

Another most recommended best books on Indian Economy. When it comes to the preparation of examinations like UPSC and State PCS students need to have solid yet precise knowledge about the subjects from the point of view of the exam. ARIHANT’s MAGBOOK provides all the study material in a concise and brief manner which is easy to digest by the students Magbook series is 2 in 1 series.

Table of contents includes Introduction to Economics, National Income, Economic Growth and Development, Economic Planning in India, Money and Banking, Inflation, Public Finance, India’s Balance of Payments and Foreign Trade, Demographic Profile of India, Agriculture, Indian Industry, Services Sector, Infrastructure, Poverty and Unemployment, Government Schemes and Programmes, International Financial and Economic Organisation, Economic Survey 2018-19, Union Budget 2019-20

It’s a combination of magazines and books that offers unique advantages of both as it comprehensively covers the syllabus of General Science of UPSC and State PCS Preliminary Examination. It is useful for the aspirants as it covers all the topics of the syllabus in a concise and notes format to help students in easy remembrance and quick revision. 

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6.Indian Economy by Sri Ram Srirangam

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC 4

Another on the list. This is handpicked by professor from IITs as one of the best books on Indian Economy.

This book is an outcome of threadbare discussions with tens of thousands of students appearing for the Civil Services Examination. The book has a strong conventional and conceptual foundations, thereby it is meant to be the base book for covering economics for all competitive examinations in the country-particularly, the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). 

Some of the Features of this books includes :
1. A helpful aide for Prelim and Main examination
2. Supplemented with related suitable graphs and images
3. Includes significant segments of the latest Economic Survey
4. Difficult concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language

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7.Indian Economy by Madhur M. Mahajan

Top 7 Best Books on Indian Economy for UPSC 5

Another most recommended best books on Indian Economy. The book is divided into seven sections and comprises thirty chapters that cover almost every aspect of the Indian economy. The book covers the syllabus of civil services optional and general studies, graduate and post-graduate courses of Indian universities, Indian economic services, UGC, and other competitive exams.

Key features of this book :

  • 300 MCQs for Self-Assessment– Around 300 Multiple Choice Questions for Self-Assessment and Practice.
  • Budget Analysis– Analysis of Budget 2019-2020 and Economic Survey of 2018-2019.
  • Chapter Summary for Quick Revision– Elaborative Concepts with applications and Chapter Summary for quick review.

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The above books listed are the 7 top best books on Indian Economy. You can refer or get any of the books among them and will be useful to get yourself prepared for various competitive exams apart from UPSC.

Others best books on Indian Economy for UPSC you can consider