How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online? The Easy Guide

How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online ?

mspdcl recharge
mspdcl recharge

MSPDCL recharge bills online: MSPDCL has now introduced the system to pay MSPDCL Recharge electricity bill online through for Manipur people.This will help the people to make their recharge through online without having the trouble to visit MSPDCL office. Thereby making it easy and convenient for people in the states.

In recent days, people used to stand in queue to make electricity bills in MSPDCL office. This has caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience for people and used to wait long hours. Due to the improvement and enhancement of digital in India, every sectors has implemented the use of online transactions for any services including the making of MSPDCL recharge online. There are different ways to make an online process of MSPDCL recharge.

Easy Step by Step to pay MSPDCL recharge bills online

Electricity is the important blessings that science has given to mankind. It is indeed an essential part of modern life and one cannot consider a world without it. It is widely used across everywhere within the world be it in domestic or in offices. We need electricity everywhere to perform our things in every way. 

But let me tell you nothing is free of costs, we have to pay the bill for using electricity connection in our home, offices or whatever we’ll be using for it. Without paying bills, we cannot use the benefits or living a blessful life without the electricity. 

So, there is a need to pay off the bills on time as a rules in order to live a bright life. The offline process of electricity bill payment or prepaid recharge are often time taking, so we have to find a way to substitute the long queues at the centers. Therefore , now Paytm has emerged with a fantastic option of hassle-free MSPDCL Recharge and Bill Payment.

Now save time while you make MSPDCL online recharge or electricity bill payment from anywhere or at any time with no trouble. Now pay Manipur State electricity bill online at Paytm or make MSPDCL recharge with none extra or hidden charges. All it takes is simply a couple of clicks and gets processed in but a moment . You have nothing to worry about the late payments. 

In this article, I’ll show you how you can perform online recharge transactions through Paytm for MSPDCL recharge prepaid.

How to Make MSPDCL prepaid recharge online ?

You can make MPSDCL Prepaid recharge online through the official website of MSPDCL or through Paytm.
The procedure is almost same for all types of Meter payments. In this article, I’ll be breaking down step by step procedure to make your MSPDCL recharge online for various meter types.

The type your Meter Make can be found on your meter box. It is written inside your meter box.

Type of Meter Make and Recharge options

1) Secure Meter Make
2) Genus Meter Make
3) HPL Meter Make
4) Payment through Paytm

How to Make MSPDCL recharge for Secure Meter Make?

Here is the step by step guide to pay your MSPDCL recharge bills online for secure meter make.

Step 1. Visit the official website of MSPDCL – Here

Step 2. Navigate to the Quick links and go the Online Recharges and Bill Payments or click HERE

mspdcl recharge
mspcl recharge

Step 3.  It will display you 2 options. Prepaid and Postpaid recharge. Click on Prepaid recharge options.

Step 4. After that, click on the first options Secure Meter Make.

mspdcl prepaid recharge
secure meter recharge

Step 5. Once you click, it will show you something like this.

secure meter recharge
secure meter recharge

Enter your consumer number and click on submit.

Step 6. Once you click  submit, it will display to enter your details.

How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online? The Easy Guide 1
secure recharge

Enter all the details and proceed to make your payment.

Step 7. You’ll then be redirected to the payment page.

How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online? The Easy Guide 2
secure meter make

Select your prefer card and enter the details and make the payment.

Once your make the payment, you’ll receive an acknowledgement with a token/reference code. Open your meter box, you need to enter the token/voucher on the secure meter box. Enter *the token code#.
Once done, it will display the successful messages and that’s all. Your recharge has been successfully made.

How to Make MSPDCL Prepaid recharge for Genus Meter

Step 1. Visit the official MSPDCL site and select on the Prepaid recharge options as above.

Step 2. Select the second option Genus Meter Make

Step 3. It will ask your consumer ID. Enter your prepaid consumer ID and proceed.

genus meter recharge
genus meter recharge

Step 4. It will display something like this.

genus recharge
mspdcl recharge

Enter your details with a valid email address and click on Validate.

Step 5. Once validate, it will ask for the amount and payment options.

How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online? The Easy Guide 3
genus meter recharge

Enter the amount and select the payment options and click proceed to pay.

Step 6.  It will take you to the same payment billdesk page where you need to enter your card details.

How to Make MSPDCL recharge Online? The Easy Guide 4
genus meter recharge

Step 7. Enter your card details and make the payment. You’ll receive the token or voucher code and same procedure to follows as above to complete the recharge.

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How to pay MSPDCL Prepaid Recharge for HPL Meter

Step by Step procedure to pay your MSPDCL recharge bills for HPL Meter make.

Step 1. Visit the official MSPDCL website and follow the same procedure as above.

Step 2. On the prepaid recharge page, select the HPL secure meter make options.

hpl meter recharge
hpl recharge payment

Step 3.  It will ask you to enter your consumer ID.

hpl recharge
hpl prepaid recharge

Step 4. Enter your consumer ID and click on submit.

Step 5. Once your click on submit, it will show you something like this.

hpl meter recharge
hpl recharge

Enter the details and click on Pay.

Step 6. It will take you the same payment bill desk page as on the above secure and genus meter payment.

mspdcl recharge
payment billdesk

Enter your payment options and card details to complete the transactions.

Step 7. Once your make the payment, you’ll receive the token/voucher code and follow the same procedure to complete your MSPDCL recharge.

How to Make MSPDCL recharge through Paytm online

So, inorder to proceed with online recharging of MSPDCL prepaid recharge payment, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit the same MSPDCL website and navigate to the prepaid options.

Step 2. Now, select the Paytm recharge options on the last option below.

mspdcl paytm recharge
mspdcl paytm recharge

Step 3. It will now ask you to select your state and consumer number. Select Manipur and your consumer no and click on proceed.

Or you can directly visit the PayTM app or sites to perform the transaction.


Step 4. Enter the amount and click on pay.

Step 5. Pick electricity bill payment promo code or offers (if you have)

Step 6. Choose the payment option as per your preference i.e Debit/Credit card or Paytm wallet. You don’t have to worry about filling your card details as Paytm is a trusted and secure sites. 

Once you select the method and pay, you’ll receive the voucher/token number. Follow the same procedure as above, input the voucher number to your meter box and all done.

MSPDCL Customer Care & MSPDCL Complaint Number

If you have any difficulty or any issue regarding your MSPDCL recharge online, you can simply contact the MSPDCL customer care or call up on the MSPDCL complaint number.

A lot of people mailed us saying that their voucher code has not been generated after making the payments, payment portal is not accepting the payments, etc.

So, for all of this issue, I’ve list down the helpline number of MSPDCL. You can contact anytime and they would be able to sort it out for you.

MSPDCL Customer Care Number0385-2451106
MSPDCL Recharge Complaint number0385-2450887 (MSPDCL Helpline Number)
MSPDCL Customer Care Email[email protected]

FAQ for MSPDCL Recharge Online

How can I recharge my Mspdcl prepaid electricity meter Online?

Manipur people can recharge their electricity bill online through mspdcl portal or through Paytm. The details step by step procedure has been shown on this article. Kindly refer to the above steps.

How do i recharge my MSPDCL prepaid electricity meter ?

The meter token/vouceher code is what you use to load the Prepaid Meter. Once you got your taken  go to your Prepaid Meter, open the card door of your unit and insert the meter smart card. Then enter the PIN code that is on your token and voila – your digital power consumption device is recharged

How do I enter the Voucher code in the prepaid meter box?

The voucher code generated is required to be entered into your prepaid meter in order to complete the recharge process. You can check the following “Keypad Instruction” to enter your voucher code. Key * Button before entering voucher code. Key # Button after entering voucher code

How do I check my electricity meter balance?

The meter balance is simply displayed on your meter box. Open the meter box and it will show you the meter balance.

How long does it take for recharge to be successful?

The MSPDCL recharge online takes only a minute. It’s an instant service.

Hope you get the complete knowledge on how to pay your MSPDCL recharge (Prepaid) online for various meter make (Secure meter, HPL meter and Genus Meter) and finally the payment options through Paytm. All browser are supported to make the MSPDCL recharge online. Feel free to comment if you find any difficulties in making your payments with the following steps.