How to Speak English fluently in 10 days? Practical Tips

How to Speak English fluently in 10 days? Practical Tips

Do you wanna improve your English? Do you wanna speak English more fluently? 

Everyone knows that English is a Global language and is the most common language to communicate with people around the world. If you fly out to anywhere, English is preferred the most to interact with people.

So, learning English is a must for everyone and to be able to speak English fluently is necessary for personality development and for success.

Many people find it hard to speak and understand. But if we follow the right way and get right guidance, it is not that hard as well. Even if you do not have a good education, you can still learn and speak English fluently.

So, in this article, I’m going to share you ultimate practical tips to speak English fluently in 10 days

Tip 1. Practice and Speak as much as you could.

Speak English fluently in 10 days

That’s right speak as much as you could and don’t give a damn. Speak whenever, wherever, however. It doesn’t matter if you speak with an accent, It doesn’t matter.

Forget how people would judge, forget how people would think of you, all this stuff it doesn’t matter, just speak as much as you could. If they don’t understand, you say it again. if they don’t understand you say it again, you just keep saying, you just speak as much as you could ’cause that’s how you get comfortable.

You would not guess, if you’re always thinking about, I’m not sounding smart, or they would misunderstand what I’m saying, or they wouldn’t understand or I’ll look stupid, all this stuff, all these things hold you back learning the language.

So don’t give a damn speak as much as you could to as many people as you could. I will walk into the mall I will talk to people, right? Say hello, how are you? Just to practice it’s okay, right? They don’t bite its okay practice

Tip 2. Read Books loudly

Speak English fluently in 10 days

Take a book, anybook, but simple book, and I would suggest you to read it out, loud word for word, paragraph by paragraph.

I found that that’s a very good way to learn the language because there are certain parts where maybe you have difficulty pronouncing certain chunks you say it again and again, or maybe there are certain words you don’t understand you can go to a dictionary.

Reading a book out loud that’s also another thing that I did to learn the English language. You finish one book and you might as well pick something that you are interested in if you’re interested in investing, or success, or motivation, or sales. Pick a book on those topics, and then read it out loud every single day.

I’m talking about it could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 25 minutes it doesn’t matter, but do it every single day.

The best book that I’ve ever come across is English Conversation Practice by  Grant Taylor. It’s one of the best book to help you The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking provides tips and techniques to become a master communicator. This book provides simple but extremely useful guidelines for improving oral practice in English. 

How to Speak English fluently in 10 days? Practical Tips 1
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Tip 3. Learn a new word every single day

Yes, Learn new word every single day. Go to Google Translate dictionary find out exactly what it means. So every single day pick a new word that you’ve never heard of before, you never use before and learn it every single.

If you do this every single day that’s 365 words, new words that you could add to your vocabulary that you could use. See English is such a powerful language first of all, not just becausea lot of people use it, but to understand a culture, to understand philosophies, you need to understand the language.

So when you learn the English language then you also learn about a lot of other things about the culture, about the business, of course, that’s what people do. So language is not just something that you to communicate, language is also something that you could train your mind with so understand that. 

Tip 4. Listen to English music

Listening English songs is also one of the best effective method to learn English. Listen and try to sing the song along with the lyrics. That way you’ll be able to cope up with the words thoroughly . Now, then check the meaning of the lyrics and try to use it on your day to day. This will improve your ability to Speak English fluently.

Tip 5. Watch English Movies without subtitles

 Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it is effective to improve your ability to grab words spoken by people. It will improve yyour hearing ability. First, watch movies with subtitles and try watching English movies without subtitles and at first you wouldn’t understand, obviously. You would understand maybe 5% of it, right?

And then you would understand, you’ll keep on guessing and thinking it’s like that’s what she means and 10%, 20%, as your English improves you’ll notice you would understand the movie more and more and more, right?

So you have to immerse yourself, talk in English, listening to English music,watch English movies, do as much as that as you could naturally you’ll pick up the slang, you’ll pick up kind a certain stories or phrases like that kind of phrases that’s how you learn English language, then you make it fun.

So it doesn’t have to be you have to sit down and study oh, I’m studying the language, no make it fun talking to people who speak English, right? Like interact, connect, read, watch, listen, that’s how you get good, that’s how you’ll get good.

Tip 6. Hang out with people who speak English

Like I know it sounds so obvious, but that’s how you do it. I remember in college you will see these groups of people, and I would see the north Indian students only hang out with North Indian students, I would see the south students hang out with south students, and Tamil students hang out with Tamil students, right?

But you do the opposite,  if you’re in college, go and hang out with people who speak English. Hang out with people who grew up locally who speak perfect English, and just talk and hang out to the library and try to talk as much as possible, listen, ask questions, right?

That’s how it works right if you wanna learn a new language take someone who speaks the language you’ll be shocked how quickly you will pick that up. How quickly you can pick up the language. 

So, these are the practical tips which will help you Speak English fluently in 10 days if you follow these strictly and give your 100 percent efforts.

Tip 7. Keep a pocket dictionary handy

Keeping a pocket Dictionary is a great help to make you understand English words and to speak out effectively. Whether you’re going out in colleges, schools, picnic, always carry a dictionary.

Whenever you hear a new word or someone speaks to you and you don’t understand, you can always look up and check out the meanings. This will help you to get the meaning and prepare yourself to use the words when you speak.

What are the benefits of Speaking English fluently?

  • If you speak great English fluently, you’ll have a great personality and likely to grow more with your business.
  • Build your confidence and open in meeting new peoples
  • It creates an impression on people. People tend to give more respect and honor if you have a great fluent in the English language.
  • It helps you to interact with people in your careers/jobs to build up a successful career.

Things/Phrases to avoid while learning English speaking

In spite of all the tips mentioned above, you need to make sure about five phrases that you shouldn’t use in casual, day-to-day communication while learning Speaking English.

1.”My English is not good”

Don’t say that. If English is not your first language, you don’t need to apologize. You know it, and I know it. We speak with an accent. That’s okay. Don’t need to bring attention to it, and you don’t need to apologize for it.

Don’t say, “Oh, my English is not good.” Don’t need to do that. Just say, “Hey, you know what? “I am learning English.” Turn it into a positive one. “I’m learning English,” that’s it. And then, if you have a tendency when you’re nervous to speak faster, slow down. Slow down. Pronounce each word. If they don’t understand, it’s okay. Just repeat it again.

2. Don’t use or say What if you don’t understand something.

 I hear this a lot from beginner English speaker, right? When you hear something you don’t quite understand, you say, “Oh, what what what what, what?” No, don’t do that.

A proper way of, a polite way of doing this is, “Pardon me.” Pardon me. And they’ll say it again. If you still don’t get it, “Pardon me,” or, “Excuse me.” Or, “Can you repeat that “one more time?” Just be polite, be professional. “Can you repeat that one more time?” But don’t say, “What, what did you say?” No, that’s not very polite.

3. Don’t say Goodbye

Now, goodbye usually is a very formal thing. When, usually when we say,”Hey,” you know, “Goodbye,” it sounds like I won’t be seeing that person for, like, years, for a long time. And more casually, let’s say you just, you just met your friend,and you guys hang out a bit, and then afterwards, just say, “Hey, bye.”

Don’t even say, Goodbye. Instead say, “Bye,” or, “I’ll see you.”

4. Avoid Using sir or ma’am.

Now, that’s very formal. Now, if you are a waiter,waitress, you work in a hotel, then yes, you should use those phrases, but day-to-day conversation, don’t say sir, don’t say ma’am.

I would prefer to just call them their first name, right? “Hey, John. Hey, Sally.” “Hey, Michelle,” just–or if you want to be a little bit more formal would be Mr. or Mrs. their last name. But don’t use sir and ma’am unless you’re working in certain industry, that’s in the service industry, then that’s a different story. But the day-to-day conversation, just first name, that’s okay.

5. And the last phrase that you should avoid, and I hear this quite often is “Tell me your name.”

 It feels like a, like a police officer. You’re interrogating somebody,like, “Tell me your name.”

Instead, try to be polite and say “What’s your name?” That’s it, or, “Where are you from?” Not, “Tell me where you’re from.” No, that’s, like, you see how it’s, like, very intrusive? You don’t want to do that. Again, be calm.

English is not scary. It’s okay, words don’t bite. All right, you don’t need to be afraid, especially if you’re learning, and try to adopt the accent. It will help you more to improve your communication skills.

There is also an online platform where you can hire an English tutor to teach you to speak English fluently. You can check out, Italki, Preply, etc.

I hope the above tips help you to speak English fluently in 10 days. You give your 100 percent efforts and I’m sure your communications will improve. These are the practical tips on how you can increase your efficiency and speak English fluently in 10 days.

You can also check out the view of Dan Lok where he shared exactly the points to improve your English fluency.

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