Best Passive income ideas in 2024? 10 Easy ways

Best Passive income ideas in 2024? 10 Easy ways

Passive income is probably one of the most popular topics on the internet right now. Especially during this covid pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs and looking online for jobs to generate passive income. Maybe you’ve already watched tons of videos on Youtube about passive income and how to make money online. There are quite a lot of ways where you can look up to generate income online.

What is Passive Income?

So, let’s get it real. Is there anything better than making money while you sleep? To wake up and all a sudden you’ve just got hundreds coming from everywhere. I know, it’s a bit much, it’s a bit crazy but it is possible.

Passive Income

Passive Income are those income where you get paid even if don’t work every time which means you work up on something, build the process, and generate income on auto-pilot. Examples- Youtube, blogging, etc.

In this article, I’m going to share 10 easy ways where you can start working and create a passive income to get a constant cash flow in 2024. Let’s find out what these 10 ways are right now.

  1. Dividend Stocks
  2. Investing in Stocks
  3. Make an App
  4. Invest in Micro Finance
  5. Create a course or write a book.
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. T-shirt printing.
  8. Network marketing
  9. Airbnb renting
  10. CD ladder.

So, lets get it deep one by one.

1. Dividend Stocks

According to Investopedia, dividend stocks are stocks provided by reputable companies that pay out at regular intervals.

These companies usually have a trustworthy image of distributing profits to the shareholders. If you are a bit intimidated by risks but still want to make passive income, dividend stock is the right thing for you. 

The main thing here is making an impressive portfolio by investing in the right platform. There are many apps and websites that provide an opportunity to buy dividend stocks. 

2. Investing in the stock market

The stock market is the hotest trend right now. It is the conventional thing that comes to mind when someone speaks of passive income. These are success stories and failure stories as well. In a nutshell, it is somewhat risky, but the returns or profits are noteworthy.

This is why many millennials and adults are keen to learn how the stock market works so that they can invest intelligently to make huge profits. 

Before investing, you should have the right knowledge and risk assessments. In the beginning, start slowly and invest in little amounts to gain knowledge. Afterward, you can invest as much as you want to get huge profits too. 

3. Make an app

Creating an app is also another great option to earn passive income in 2024. There are millions of apps on the App Store and Play Store as well where they are earning $500-$1000 per month.. This is a good option for programmers or anyone who knows how to write codes.

However, if you do’t know how to code, you’ll need to hire a developer to build the apps for you and it might get you a small investment.

4. Invest in Micro Finance

When it comes to savings, a lot of people opt for small Micro Finance where they get an average return of 3-5% per month.

It’s another great option to generate passive income regularly if you’ve enough funds and would like to grow it.

However, investing in micro finance is risky as you never know when the company would go bankrupt. So, if you’re thinking of investing in Micro Finance, make sure you research the company properly to avoid risks.

5. Create a course or write a book

This is the best option for retired people or someone who has deep expertise in a certain topic. Making an online course is not that hard at present, thanks to platforms like UdemyBest Passive income ideas in 2024? 10 Easy ways 1 and Skillshare.

Topics like marketing, technology, etc., are very popular and lots of students want to learn new things online. If you have decent expertise in any of these fields, or any other topic that you think might interest students, it is the best thing to make and earn a passive income. 

In the beginning, it would require some hard work and preparation, but once you upload it, you only have to take care of the marketing and updating the course material occasionally. 

You can promote the course online and share it with your friends and colleagues. It is a great way to earn, and once you garner enough following, you can do more relevant courses that earn more money. 

Similarly, you can also write a book/e-book to share your knowledge and experience with people. Writing a book is also profitable if the content is interesting or knowledgeable enough.

Due to the introduction of self-publishing, it has become quite easy for writers to put up their work without looking for a publishing house. If you have the right knowledge and approach, you should also write an eBook and sell it online. 

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing might not sound like a great option for people who want to make money without investing much time. But, to be true, it is a great option for anyone who has basic to average marketing skills. For affiliate marketing, you need a blog or a trustworthy social media following. 

You can sign up for affiliate marketing programs or join affiliate marketing networks related to your niche. To earn compensation, you can promote those links on your blog or special media profile. After doing the basics, you have to wait for people to purchase things from those affiliate links. 

If affiliate marketing is done the right way, it can help you earn thousands or even millions of dollars. But this huge amount of money doesn’t come without hard work. In the initial stages, you have to invest some time and even money to promote your blog/social media account.

7. T-Shirt Designing

Are you a designer at your heart? If yes, then you can try your hands at designing T-shirts and sell them to make profits. There are several websites that accept T-shirt designs and pay compensation after each sale. Even Amazon has a service called Merch by Amazon that lets you submit your design and it takes care of the printing and shipping. 

8. Airbnb renting

Having a place where you don’t spend much time can also be a great source of side income, thanks to Airbnb. You just have to fill in the necessary details and list your property on Airbnb.

It is great for people who own multiple places or who travel away from home a lot. Here, you make money on a property you already own, therefore, there is no investment as such.

9. Network marketing

Over the decades, Network Marketing has risen and has become a consistent income source for people around the globe. The best thing about these network marketing companies is that you don’t have to work a lot, you can do it intelligently and avoid hard work. And in return, you will earn money for that, or sometimes, even free goodies.

10. CD Ladder

CD, or certificates of deposits, ladder building is another great option for getting better returns on your money. Banks offer CDs to those who want lesser risks and low investments in the initial stages. It is a long process and requires patience from your side.

So, here are the list of 10 ideas to generate passive income all over the world. Hope you’re not familiar with some of the topics. If you haven’t heard about it and would like to know more, feel free to comment down below and will share a detailed article on the topic.

Having passive income streams at every stage of life gives more freedom and a secure future. It is hard to predict the future in this world of randomness, therefore, it is best to be prepared and experiment with new income streams for better knowledge, and obviously, a constant influx of money.