What Jobs Are in High Demand Right Now in Canada in 2024

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The job market is constantly changing and evolving which means that demand levels change for specific jobs as well. If you get insight into which jobs have been in demand this year, you can be able to plan your career path and generally find the career that will most suit your preferences.

Unfortunately, we all need to adjust to demands, however, we should look at this from another angle and think of that as an opportunity to improve ourselves and our skills on a professional level. You can check Jobs in Camrose and see whether there is something you fit into. Now, let’s see the overall picture of all jobs that will remain on the market next year as well.

Electrical engineer

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Source: interestingengineering.com

Electric engineers are highly in demand this year. Their crucial job refers to testing electrical systems and electrical equipment. They can specialize in different fields such as motors, cars, airplanes, etc. Once they specialize in a specific system, they need to respond to calls from people and fix electrical problems.

This type of job is generally highly demanded in the whole world, not just in Canada because of the increasing dependence on automation systems. Both individuals and companies are needing support from an electrical engineer. Best of all, their average salary is $80,009 per year

Registered nurse

One more job that will surely be in demand next year is the job of a nurse. Their average salary is $38.53 per hour which is great. The duty of a registered nurse is to assist medical people in the terms of conducting medical tests of patients, communicating with them, and checking their health records.

Registered nurses can also create nursing care plans for patients and in that way, they can keep their patients fully informed about their health conditions. This is very beneficial for patients. Nurses also do the job of vaccinating people and coordinating with them.

Network administrator

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Source: myaolcc.com

As you are probably informed the job of a network administrator is to configure network hardware. Additionally, he needs to be in charge of handling repairs and maintaining everything in order. Despite the mentioned, the network administrator needs to manage software with the right technology.

They are part of the IT department and they are highly demanding in companies because they are specialized in securing that the company computer network works freely and is stable without any issues. In the last period, more and more companies are employing people to work remotely so technical support is essential for maintaining the company’s business function. The average salary is $69,539 per year.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors are highly important for businesses and for individuals because of their accounting professional skills. They are able to help everyone to manage their money in every aspect, whether we are talking about taxes, fees, or some other charges.

Additionally, the job of financial advisors is to advise clients regarding investment and savings strategies that they can implement. Despite that, they are managing the investment portfolio and they can also create a relevant plan for the financials. The salary of the financial advisor is $56,786 per year.

Customer service

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Source: salesforce.com

The job of a customer service assistant is to communicate with customers online or through the phone. The demand for assistance of this kind is so high because people are living in a digital world now. The assistant needs to take orders, handle complaints, help people and answer questions.

Their crucial duty is to make clients satisfied. Additionally, since they are taking orders from customers they need to organize deliveries. Online shopping is now popular more than ever and because of that, this job will likely be in demand in the future a lot. When it comes to the salary it is $18.27 per hour

Project manager

The most significant job of one project manager is to organize, plan, and control the overall progress of projects in a company. The job of a project manager requires them to be highly focused on completing the jobs on time, within specifications, and with a strict budget.

They can work in any type of industry, so there is plenty of company that they can work for. It is also crucial for them to pay attention to the competition so they can ensure that their company is working as best as possible. However, their role is highly important for the success of the company business. The average salary is $79,500 per year.

Sales associate

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Source: seek.com.au

One more job that is highly demanding this year is sales associate. For those who do not know, sales associates are people whose job is to assist customers in locating products or even services in a retail surrounding. They represent the first and primary point when it comes to contacting and completing transactions when customers decide to buy something or pay for a service.

The job of sales associates is very important for businesses in successful terms and because of that many companies are hiring them. Therefore, it is most likely that the demand for this position will be huge in the next year. Their average salary is $16.30 per hour.

Administrative assistant

The role of an administrative assistant is to provide administrative support to the company and in that way make sure that the team in the company is working highly efficiently and productively.

They have a couple of duties from which some of the most essential ones including scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, sending and receiving correspondence, etc. Since administrative assistants can have the option of working remotely, this job is a great opportunity for many people. When it comes to the average salary that they are getting, it is $21.70 per hour.

Software developer

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Source: bootcamp.cvn.columbia.edu

One of the jobs that are generally in high demand all over the world is being a software developer. They have high salaries, the average one is $84,412 per year. The tasks of software developers are testing and creating software so it can meet clients’ needs and requirements.

Despite that, software developers need to perform quality assurance on the software that they develop and to constantly upgrade the existing applications. They can work from home.